How Minimalism Helps Me Live More

I originally turned to minimalism to clear out the clutter in my house. I had no idea the impacts a minimalist lifestyle would have on my mental state, and bank statements. This is four ways that minimalism has helped me embrace life even more.

minimalism live more

1. I Have More Time

Before minimalism, I didn’t think that having a lot of stuff took up a lot of my time. But when I looked at where my time was going, I noticed that I was spending a lot of my weekend time doing one of the following: laundry, shopping, cleaning, or organizing. If I wasn’t doing one of those things, I was most likely scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on my couch. After embracing minimalism, I have less things to clean, I spend almost no time organizing, and I do one or two loads of laundry a week, usually during the week. My weekends are spent laptop-free, in nature, doing something I love.

2. I Have More Resources

Because I have stopped buying unnecessary things, I’ve saved an incredible amount of money. My lifestyle is simple and extremely inexpensive to maintain. I consistently save at least 50% of my income, and spend a lot of time not working. I travel full-time, and sometimes I’ll even work in exchange for room and board. My minimalist lifestyle allows me to save so much money, while living more.

3. I Have More Energy

minimalism live moreAfter trading my 9-5 for a more flexible schedule, I’ve created tons of downtime for myself. If I feel like I need some time to unwind, relax, and take it easy, I can spend a day journaling or reading. I know that when I get sick, I am able to rest, and when I feel like spending time outside, I can go for a hike or walk to the beach. I can choose how I want to spend my time, which helps me create a better balance. I now spend some days working all day, and some days I’ll spend not working at all. By giving myself  time and space, I can live in a much more flexible way.

4. I’m Happier

Minimalism has helped me to create a better life for myself. I no longer dream of fancy cars and brand new iPhones; now, I feel happy with just a simple wardrobe, the technology that I need and use often, and a good, healthy diet. Having the ability to obtain everything I need and nothing more brings more joy to my life than I ever thought possible. It feels amazing to no longer feel like I need a new car, own a house, or have 2.5 kids to be successful. I have everything I need to live a happy life, and I am very happy with my lifestyle now.

This was just four of many ways that minimalism has helped me live more. Minimalism changed my life drastically for the better, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Your Turn!

  • How has minimalism helped you live more?


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  1. When I did my first travel abroad alone, hiking in New Zealand for 2 months, I discoverend what a good feeling it was to just live with a backpack and only have to choose between 2 pants and 4 shirts and 2 pair of shoes… When I went home I sold all my new furniture (I was just 23 and had just bought my own new furniture in my new, apartment with crazy high rent.) and gave away a lot of my clothes. I bought an old caravan and lived in that for a year in the garden of one of my nieces, babysitting the kids in return, after that I lived in an empty office building with a simple made bathroom, heating and a little kitchen. My closets where just a few boxes and my bed an airmatress (I had to buy a matress though, just for my back 😉 But it felt so good to live in such a simplicity. I have always been an artist though, the most stuff I own is for my collages and photo’s, paintings and drawings 🙂 And that is quiet a lot, because I’m a collector kind of artist..
    My boyfriend and I are traveling so much in a year, people are often jeaulous. But we just don’t invest in stuff we don’t really need. We invest in organic food, our health, our hobbies (and his kids). We try to repair as much as possible so we don’t have to buy something new. By that, we have a lot of time to invest in our relationship or to spend our energy and time in things we love to do, or just to do nothing at all – which is great!
    It’s more difficult to live my minimalistic lifestyle in a relation though, if it was just me, I would live even much more simply than I do now.

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