Zack Jones at the 2016 Tiny House Conference

Today we’re introducing one of our speakers for the 2016 Tiny House Conference: Zack Jones. Zack has helped us out at our 2014 and 2015 conferences, and we’re so excited to have him on board as a speaker for this year. Zack is the mastermind behind Project Wosho, a tiny house design company. He’ll be teaching you the basics of designing a 3D digital tiny house plan in our Hands On with SketchUp session. Thanks Zack for lending us your talents for the the third year in a row!

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  1. I’ve been up in Blowing Rock, NC for the past ten days and found a great piece of land, but Watauga County Planning tells me I have to have a flush toilet if it’s a dwelling. Did I see something about tiny houses being classified as utility trailers? What’s the deal? How do you ever find places to put these things? I’d rather do a foundation build anyway, but it’s so hard to find land that’s not going to break the bank and defeat the purpose.

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