Why Only You Can Make It Happen

kljlkI found this video recently that I really liked.  It struck a cord on many levels for me; as a tiny house person, as an entrepreneur, as a location independent / digital nomad.  The video introduces the concept of “learned helplessness” which standing on this side of tiny house (living The Tiny Life) is all too clear to me now.  I now wonder if there are other areas of my life that I just am assuming are the way they are, things that I’m blind to?

  1. I recently discovered your blog and I love it. I find it to be extremely helpful and inspirational. Damn the inertia – full speed ahead!

  2. Great talk on Learned Helplessness. Though at times it may take some creativity to stand out amongst many people in a particular field, a person might still need the assistance of someone Already established, in order to “open doors” and/or provide funding, AND their expertise on the matter.

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