What Would You Like To See In An E-Book?

Right now I am outlining my e-book that I will be working on over the next few weeks and I wanted to get others input on what content they would like to see in it.  The topic will be a comprehensive overview of the legal issues surrounding Tiny Houses, including building codes.  Of course each municipal is different, but I will present the most prevalent approaches and some creative techniques to tackle building codes in any situation.  So I am interested to hear what specifics people are interested in.

What would you like to see?       Are there other e-book topics you’d like to see?


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  1. I’d love to see a practical guide to tiny living spaces, perhaps organized into three areas: necessity (“a tornado leveled my existing house, I needed emergency housing”), practicality (“it’s just me and the missus, we spend most of our time outside, we only need a place to crash”), and fanciful (“we challenged ourselves to live frugally and minimally for a year, can we do it?”). Follow three specific people or households who exemplify each area, and their process for land, layout choice, building materials, municipal and legal worries and any solutions to such.

  2. What Gin said would be a good idea though one might want to look a bit wider than that, maybe discuss it in a e-book about looking at your needs instead of the sparkles and glitter of tiny houses. Maybe discuss options for common problems such as internet, food storage, bathing and such.

  3. On the practical side, a well-edited book, without typos or grammatical errors. So many e-books seem like rough drafts that no one took the time to proofread.

    And a book that focuses on legal issues and land issues would be helpful.

  4. Perhaps a section covering the basics of legally building a tiny house as a permanent structure. Is this approach even possible for those who wish to have a larger than trailer structure or infrastructure in their home, but don’t want to build a mcMansion. The permitting of homes which fall outside the 120sqft “Shed” gray area.

  5. Has Jay Shafer changed “international” building codes yet?

  6. Thank you for the chance to comment on what I’d like to see in your e-book. I’m certain that it will be full of informed content so my biggest “thing” I’d like to see would be for your e-book to be compatible across various readers. iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPod’s etc
    thanks for allowing me the chance to comment

  7. I would love to see information on Tiny House communities if they’re out there. I’m interested in getting a Tiny House, but it looks like I either move to my own land and do it alone, or stay in the mainstream and live in a backyard, which again, leaves me kind of on my own in the endeavor. A community of Tiny House people doing this together would be so cool!


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