Welcome Amy Henion

Today I wanted to make a special post and share some good news.  The Tiny Life has been around for almost 6 years and looking forward, I knew I wanted to do more.

1780649_10155524629350104_4519050556008505929_nIt is with that in mind, that I want to introduce to you and welcome to the team, Amy Henion.  She will be joining The Tiny Life to help me continue and expand the work we do here.  Many of you know her from the TEDx talk she did (video below) or from her part in the Tiny House Conference.  Amy describes herself as “a tiny house advocate and enthusiast. Passionate about houses and design.”


Amy will be helping me share more about what it means to live tiny.  We are looking to bring new stories, teach more people and spread the word about tiny houses.  I have some exciting things planned and Amy will be there to help bring these dreams to reality.

Check out her great video below and join me in welcoming Amy in the comments section!


  1. Welcome Amy! Looking forward to reading more of what you have to say about the interior design of your tiny house, and how you came up with that.

  2. Amy does a great job here of selling the THOW concept. Answering the “how and why”, in a short format she passionately gets into her audience’s head to where they can identify with her.


  3. This is great news! Amy’s talk at Northeastern University has already achieved legendary status both in the Tiny House movement and in TedX. She is widely recognized as one of the most perceptive and well-spoken voices on this subject.

  4. Good job, Ryan! I’m delighted that Amy is now part of your organization. She was instrumental in making me feel welcome at the Portland conference.

  5. Welcome, Amy! And don’t worry at all about how that liberal arts degree will translate to the working world. I’m proof positive that the “best all around” degree allows freedom to do what I love while living in our tiny house in Alabama. Online teaching is one good option.

    Hope you get your tiny house soon; you will love what it is and what it does! Carol

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