Versatile Storage In The Tiny House

In the past two years tiny house designers and builders have gotten quite clever at their inclusion of storage space. With minimal square feet of actual house space it is important to utilize every possible inch of a home. From toe kicks that reveal drawers and stairs made of foot lockers and drop down baskets and wire shelving to closet inserts that hide your dirty clothes, the tiny house is fast becoming the leader in inventive yet practical storage. Perhaps though no tiny house has quite the aesthetic as well as the extreme functionality of storage space as the 215 square feet Tel Aviv studio apartment designed by Israeli architects Rannan Stern and Shany Tal.

multifunctional overviewThe closet and wall piece are made of white birch (often called blonde wood or utility ply in the states) as is the flooring which is covered in brighter birch tiles. For the record white birch is a renewable resource and induces a welcoming feel by allowing the room to appear larger than it truly is and offering a sort of design ambiguity. As explained by the architects the concept of the store is to house a “varied family and personal collection of 2D pieces dating from the 1940s to today.” The pieces themselves are organized and ordered according to groups, sizes and artistic connections which allowed the architect to design drawers and cabinets specific to its content. Not stopping there different areas were designed and built for showcasing and displaying work, tools, and materials; often considered art by those fascinated in a medium. Several of the smaller compartments can also be removed from the larger units and then placed on a table for ease of access. 

Bed out multifunctional


An interesting concept presented in the multifunctional design is the use of front paneling as display. It brings to mind a potential tiny house kitchen hack, a “home office” need, an art gallery, and more! It shows the unique ability to transform what would be non-functioning and rather boring panel into a pegboard or storage board.

When fully closed up one still can’t shake the notion that the space is small. The storage quite simply allows for more stuff to be lived with in a tiny house without taking up sacred real estate. Does it encourage the tenants of downsizing, minimalizing, and living responsibly or does it simply aid in the covering up of unneeded housewares?

Whatever the case it offers some great suggestions for storage while still adhering to both a modern and intelligent design.

Your Turn!

  • Is modular or concealing furniture part of your tiny house design?
  • Would you live in a house that “transforms?”



  1. I like that blonde wood, looks modern without being too cold. My tiny space design has a lot of transforming furniture but the pieces also need to be functional without fuss. Things can expand or move but all pieces work in their basic mode without having to unfold or put other things away first. For example, there will be a drawer cabinet on wheels in the kitchen that can be used in place or pulled out from under the stationary counter top so that you don’t need to move anything on the main counter but can use a cutting board installed on top of the cabinet. There will also be a couple of drop leaf sides on it that can be flipped up for even more counter space. There will be a shoe storage box on wheels in the bottom of the entry coat closet that can be used as extra seating. A table with drop leaves will sit under a stationary desk so that it can be left in place when using the desk or pulled out for extra dining space. The bathroom door will swing out to close off a larger space where the closet is as well to provide a private dressing area. The built in daybed will be expandable to a double if needed.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, and thanks to Alice for sharing her brilliant ideas! We are now working out the floor plan for our TH and we need all the ideas we can get. My job requires special clothing and equipment that will take up much more closet/storage space than the typical TH closet. Love your website and updates! Keep them coming!

  3. The only real convertible I’ll have is my couch/bed, with built-in drawers, doors, and bookcase, including a compartment for my tea-maker and mug. All hidden by pillows when not in use.
    I’m quite interested in the drawers, because I built several into my design, as well, but not whole walls of them. If I were working out of my tiny space, I’d go for that, but fortunately, I’m able to downsize to needing far less storage than that. It does feel a little too much for me, all those drawers. The blond wood is nice, though. Clean and bright.

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