Urban Eden

For those of you who have been following, the Solar Decathlon is going on right now.  The Decathlon features innovative homes that are solar powered built by universities around the US.  Its a pretty big production as a dozen houses are constructed on site to compete and showcase to thousands of visitors.

Well my home city of Charlotte NC has a team going to the Decathlon from UNCC.  Here is their house called Urban Eden.  Some of the neat features of this house is the rolling solar panel array that allows you to control the solar exposure in the summer months.  They also have an interesting polymer cement that reduces the buildings impact.  Check out the video below to see it all!




  1. I love this. Did I miss what the square footage was? Is this for sale? If it is or will be, has a price been set? Will they be making others like this to be placed on the buyers own lot???

  2. Having grown up in one of the worst “heat bubble” cities as a kid, part of this house make me happy and other parts seem to do little to solve that basic issue. I love the new way to make concrete and hope to see this in cities everywhere soon, but a heat exchange on the roof warming up the night sky? That’s the main part of my hometown of Phoenix’s problems and the major reason why the city itself is suffering unnatural drought. Night time is typically the storm time for most ecosystems and concrete and other heat absorbing materials releasing their gathered heat at night is driving rain clouds away from cities and creating issues for city dwellers. You can see why the heat exchange might just continue this problem, though not as bad as it is now thanks to the new kind of concrete being used in this. I see a lot of good design and sustainable ideas in this, but as with any project, there is still room for improvement. I LOVE that this is something universities are working on nationwide!!!

  3. Wow, love seeing this. Love seeing he younger generation coming up with this stuff. Gives me much hope for the future. Namaste

  4. How smart is this? I love this fabulous Green Home!

  5. There are UNnatural droughts in Phoenix? As I recall, Phoenix basically didn’t exist before air conditioning…and really wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have it.

  6. I would love to know more about this house and the possibility of building a similar home for myself.
    How can I get more information?
    Thank you,

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