Urban Density

So just a few days ago I did a post on Japan’s new coffin apartments that are so small, you can’t even stand up in them, but rent for $600 a month!  Today I ran across another post about Hong Kong’s urban density.  The United States has a density of 88 people per square mile, while Hong Kong has 16,568 people per square mile!

It shows what an urban dense future could look like and allows us to understand what that would mean, more importantly hopefully perused us to keep an eye on our population growth.

These photos almost have an artistic quality to them, but then your realize people live in these.












  1. I wonder how often a pair of pants or T-shirt falls off a balcony and lands on someone. That’s way too dense for me, I get a little ill thinking about that. It’s not wrong, just very far outside of anything I have experienced.

  2. Many of those pictures of massive apartments in China sit empty. The population in China doesn’t make enough to rent/buy these places. Also, China has been building cities at a rate that most of them are empty. China’s banks and real estate are at the verge of collapse because of this growth that was intended to stimulate the economy. Also, with most of this land used in development being seized from farmers, there is much unrest among these peasants. Viva revolution!

  3. Like you said, they are artistic photos. I’d almost like to have them made up as art prints to hang on the walls of our tiny house, as a reminder, but they make me hyperventilate a bit too much.

  4. Looks like the “Projects” in NYC decades ago to present all 180,000 low rent apartments.

  5. I couldn’t live there unless I was heavily medicated.

    I mean that quite seriously. I have a strong need for elbow room, even more so than the average introvert, and these pictures literally made me shudder.

  6. Wow, that is amazing. A ton of people in those buildings!

  7. Hong Kong with its very small land area does not have any choice but to go up.

  8. Anyone else reminded of the Matrix looking at these pictures?

    • Yes! I was trying to decide what movie they reminded me of, and that’s it.

  9. Saw this posted elsewhere and someone commented that building these enabled the city to have more green space elsewhere so I guess it’s a tradeoff.

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