Urban Assault Vehicle, Dump Truck or Mobile House?

If you where to see this thing rolling down the street, you might pass it off as a dump truck, but when you see an arm extend and ATV drop down, you might be wondering “what the hell?!?”6-24-09unicat1_rect540

That pretty much what I did, but when you see this Truck’s interior, it’s amazing!  I am not quite sure who the intended market is for this, but whatever market requires a mobile home with bullet proof glass and espresso machine, yeah that’s the one…. What!?!?  Regardless, this truck has tons of great design Ideas, its put together well and it certainly embodies the adventurers/outdoor spirit.


The vehicle comes with:

  • Double bed in living area
  • U-shaped seating unit converts into additional double bed
  • Separate shower and toilet room with doors
  • Usable dry storage with radiator drying
  • 3-flame stove
  • Conventional oven with steamer
  • Dishwasher
  • Espresso maker
  • 26 gallon fridge with freezer
  • 3 wardrobes
  • Aluminum exterior storage boxes
  • Solar system
  • Water cooled 7.2 kW diesel generator with water cooled muffler
  • Music system throughout with DVD player, satellite TV
  • Low voltage XELOGEN lights throughout
  • Lights in outside storage compartment
  • 177 freeze proof drinking water tanks with built in water filtration system
  • 8.8 gallon hot water-heat exchanger
  • 52 gallon freeze proof waste water tank
  • Removable sprayers on bath and kitchen faucets
  • 18 kW central heating system
  • 5 kW integrated air conditioner
  • Integrated storage compartment for ATV in the back
  1. Anyone know what MPG they get, I assume I they use diesel

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Love to have one though I admit I would rarely drive it about. Having the option would be fantastic, should the need arise. Where I am situated now I sure could use the bullet-resistant glass and – well, I'd want to tone down a lot of the fancy to make room for a library of sorts and a sitting area. All told nothing beats the Micro House (shown towable in some pix) here on your home page, and I sure wish there was an option like that for folks just around the poverty level and teetering above homelessness. I guess what I am saying is that I am so close to being able to afford a tiny house but with no reliable tow car or land to ease onto, odds are I may have the misfortune to fall off into homelessness first. *prayer I guess the Unicats make me feel safe and the Micro just satisfies my needs. Hmmm. Thx for the post!

    • There has been some talks about making Tiny Houses to solve low income/homelessness. The land issue is where I am stuck too! I could easily pull the trigger on the house, but the land is the tough part. Today land has been cut up into tiny pieces and I am looking to start out on 3+ acres, I think 10 would be great, 40 would be amazing! I just need to land a job that I can work anywhere from to free up my options.

  4. These trucks are amazing, too bad the price is sooo high. I wonder how much it REALLY costs the companies to make one of these. Well if I were stuck between buying a Bentley and one of these, I’d definitely pick this.

    And I love the ATV lift! 😀

    • After seeing everything that it comes with, I can see why the price tag is so high. It might be a bit inflated, but compare this to some of the costs of RV/motor homes and you can see why.

  5. The “market” for these must be survivalists who are 1%ers or maybe the riot police. “Mad Max” comes to mind.

  6. These are super popular with globe trotters. Folks that have sold everything they own and traveling the world in these. They load them on ship to transport between continents. Saw several down in Baja when we lived down there. Germans in particular love these.

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