Update On Asheville Tiny House

Several weeks back I covered a Tiny House in my neck of the woods, Asheville, North Carolina.  I wanted to follow up and show some of their progress.

To find my first post check it out here

So since the last post they have finished sheeting the exterior, dropped in the windows, wrapped the house with tyvek and started the siding.


  1. Hey Ryan,

    I just stumbled across the “miniHOME”, looks pretty cool, too expensive, but some nice ideas: http://www.sustain.ca/downloads/PDF/2009-2010-CATALOGUE.pdf

    • I need to check, but I think I have posted this house once upon a time, but not sure.


  2. Thanks for the update post. We are so proud of our tiny house. We expect to finish th exterior before this year is out and be able to start the inside after the fist of the year. It takes a lot of extra planning since we are only able to work on it one or two weekends a months.

    I’m glad your still following the progress.

    • They shouldn’t let me type on an iPod. That should say “you’re”.

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