Towing Vehicles for Tiny Houses

We’ve got a new episode of the Tiny House Chat podcast!


The latest episode of the Tiny House Chat podcast is all about towing vehicles. In this week’s episode, Ryan and Amy discuss the realities of towing a tiny house, and what to consider if you plan on traveling full-time with a tiny house. Learn about renting or buying a towing vehicle, or how to avoid towing your house altogether. Also, Ryan shares his precarious boat-towing tale. Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve been wondering about towing vehicles lately. I think it’s so interesting that you can rent them out! That seems like it would be useful for moving from house to house. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The possibility of renting tow trucks actually makes things interesting. Don’t you think tow companies could take this possibility to rent trucks for commercial use? Rent and make money out of it?

  3. What is a tiny house? is like a house you setup on your pick up truck? or do you tow it like a motorhome?

  4. I think towing a tiny house is too much of a hassle, doesn’t make sense. You better sell it and buy a tent if you plan to move around, more practical.

    Just my two cents of course.


  5. I’ve not seen a Tiny House towed. How would that work? Would they actually fit on a flat bed?

  6. Hey when you gotta move you gotta move! Even if that means moving your whole house with you lol

    -Jack from San Tan Towing Pros 

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