Tiny Tack House

Science Friday did an awesome video about Christopher and Malissa Tack and their tiny house.  What I really like about this video is that they show a lot of the details of the power, water, and greywater.  It was a great to see some of the house, how they live and some of the things not often covered elsewhere.

Malissa and Christopher are coming to the Tiny House Conference.  Christopher will be our photographer and Malissa will be presenting about organizing small spaces in a tiny house.  Check out the video and see how amazing their tiny home is.  Meet them and many others at the Tiny House Conference; more info here

Photos courtesy of Christopher Tack tackphoto.com



  1. You said your water hook up was a frost proof hydrant. Can you tell me about this and where to get one?

    • Judy, basically it’s a hydrant that pushes the water back down, past the frost line. So every time you shut off the water, it prevents the water from freezing in the pipe. If you do a Search Online, just search for Frost Proof Hydrants. 🙂 You should be able to find them at a hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  2. Chris and Malissa,

    Thank you for the information on Seth’s accommodation! I have been wondering where you could put a cat box in a tiny house.

    • No problem, Carol! He seems to really like his privacy, just like us. Haha

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