“Tiny” Is a Creative Solution

The tiny life is indeed a creative solution.  So much fine work is being done by people far too numerous to mention here who have chosen to live more simply in so many ways.tiny-house-inside

So much of life is stuff—stuff we accumulate, stuff we buy, stuff we are given.  Another word for “stuff” is possessions.

Now there is nothing inherently wrong with stuff or any of our material possessions.  The trick is developing and then sustaining the discipline to make wise choices about what to retain, what to give away, what to throw away, and then what to buy.

The tiny life in all its dimensions requires necessarily that one look at one’s “stuff”.  What used to fit in a former dwelling is most likely not going to work in a smaller one.  It might indeed become difficult to part with stuff.

Maybe one criteria can be, “Will keeping this possession help further my goals and what I believe my mission in life to be, and help me actualize the talents I was given to develop?”

What do you think though?  Feel free to share your criteria.

Greg Rossi

  1. Hello Greg – Great ideas. 'Less is more' is one of those concepts that has been around forever, but people need to be reminded of it. It's always interesting to see new interpretations of this theme. Keep on posting.

  2. I would add one more criteria to a "smart acquisition." "Does obtaining this item inherently hurt someone else?" For me, this helps to address a large problem with our lifestyles, which is that it's built on the backs of so many others, without consern to those who make it possible. It's a shaky foundation to our lifestyle, that almost always neglected, because we assume it's all rolled into a purchase price. Ask yourself questions like, "Where did this come from? "Who made it?" "Where they fairly reimbursed for their effort" "Where did the materal come from?" Is the source sustainable, or limited." "If everyone did the same thing I did, would their be enough to go around?"

    • I really like your "one more criteria", Grant! It really is very important we know that the materials we use or purchase did not come at the expense of underpaid or exploited laborers here or abroad. I am in agreement with your entire post.

  3. Need a reasonable tiny house for me and my son

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