Tiny Houses Aren’t For Kids….are they?

“Can a family live in a small space?” It is a question repeated on forums, posts, discussion boards, and chats, all over the Interwebs. The answer is (sometimes surprisingly so), yes! And there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a small space that incorporates intelligent design and smart solutions. Such is the case with the children’s room Heidi and carpenter husband Thomas have created for their little girl, Alberte. With no less than five kid-tested and kid-approved design elements this is one small space that is just for the kids!

Perhaps the first and most obvious element is the stairs leading up to the sleeping loft. You may also notice the railing to keep a sleeping child safe and secure. It appears to be made of melamine or some other sort of veneer to match the rest of the decor. With wide treads made of birch wood and a bit of an unusually high rise, the steps double as ample cubby storage for toy trucks, dolls, and books. They also encourage walking (by steadying the daughter with a reach rail) and toddling.

A bit more juvenile than some of the ideas found on an earlier post, Alberte’s room is still fairly sophisticated. The round, black pieces of art are actually circular chalkboards for her to write on, doodle on, or have a guest leave her a greeting. It capitalizes on both penmanship learning and creative arts.

Tucked behind the stairs – as kid’s seem to love nooks, crannies, and hiding spots – is the wardrobe area either for daily clothes or fun costumes for make-believe sessions.

And not to be missed, of course, is the wonderful cube that serves as a sitting area, a work area (with dropdown desk), and overall separated space. Because it and the wardrobe are built out their ceiling acts as the foundation for the sleeping loft! But perhaps most fun of all is the wallpaper or vinyl adhesive art that covers the back wall of the built-outs. Encouraging both color and shape recognition as well as being 100% funky, the design is too cute for this too cool tiny design!

Your Turn!

  • Is this the coolest kid’s tiny house within a tiny house?
  • Do kid’s need their own space even in a tiny house?




  1. My girlfriend grew up in a two bedroomed house with her parents and 4 siblings. I think we seem to forget that this whole mcmansion thing isn’t how its always been. Our obsession with more and living beyond our means is a relatively new thing.

    • There were seven of us in my family, at the most we had three bedrooms, sometimes two, and never more than one bathroom. We managed fine. When I watch HGTV and see 20 somethings wanting granite, fine finishes, and McMansions, I ask myself ‘why’, why they want that and what purpose does it serve? Of course, it is a personal decision how much house to have, and I respect that.

  2. I think that smaller homes are what people should be looking to by right now because by the time people get ready to retire there may not be enough people who could afford to buy a large house.

  3. This child’s playroom and bedroom is very creative! I love it!

  4. What a wonderful kid space. The only thing I wonder about is how well a kid can sleep in it when the adults are doing whatever else they need to do in the rest of the house. It would be kind of annoying if the only thing you could do during nap time was quiet stuff so you don’t wake the kids up. It’s hard to tell from these pictures what kind of separation there might be from the noisier areas of the house. My kids always needed their private space for naps and sometimes just quiet play.

    • When my son was a baby we deliberately kept noise levels to normal when he was going to sleep and when he was asleep because we didn’t want him to be such a light sleeper that anything would wake him up. Don’t know if its scientifically accurate or not but we never had to worry about him waking up because of loud noises and we never found ourselves creeping round the house trying to be as quiet as possible to avoid waking him up.

      • Have to agree, for the most part on this thought…however,consideration of another is part of the equation too! Wouldn’t dream of trying to say…vaccum while someone’s trying to sleep…but certainly have done up dishes , dusted etc during that time period!

  5. This is what I want in my tiny, for my grandchildren who live nearby and visit often. Adorable and functional. I would add a railing to the stairs.

  6. even the little kid in me wants a space like this 🙂 Tiny houses can be built thoughtfully so that all the family can have their space, and at the same time helping people to learn to share. Multi purposing a space makes good sense today and maybe more so for kids because it can provide a nurturing family environment with every one close by. And of course, there’s the great outdoors left to discover.

  7. I am currently building a tiny house for my 6 1/2 year old daughter and I. It will have a loft on each gable end… one for each of us. And ladder stairs with a railing for her loft with a cubby / desk area under her loft. There are a lot of sound and simple ways to incorporate children living in a tiny space. Most of our time is spent outdoors anyway so when we come into the tiny house it is the perfect size.

  8. I wish I could find more information on tiny living with a big family. I have 4 young kids and I have yet to see anyone else with several children living tiny. I’m trying to convince my skeptical husband that we can do this, but without a picture of what that looks like, it’s a hard sell. I’m sure someone is doing it, and doing it well, but I have yet to find a good resource beyond cute spaces for one, or maybe two young kids.

  9. Thanks for the article. I would love to see images of how the kids space fits in with the rest of the house however.
    I have fallen in love with the idea of tiny house living but we have a 1.5 year old toddler. It is very encouraging to see ideas to adapt small spaces for kids. I think the best aspect of tiny houses and children is that the smaller space encourages them to get outside, rather than sitting on the computer or in front of the TV.

  10. I have read a few articles on “Living Tiny” and have been truly inspired! Within the first 5 minutes I was convinced this is what I need!!! I am tired of being beat up and kicked around by the “grind”, environment and “experiences” of living in our current “socially accepted” and expected society, I crave and need change for myself but more importantly my children….I have 3 children ranging from 12 years old to my 2 year old toddler. I showed my 2 oldest children some of the homes and talked about downsizing, we even went through the house using the “365 method” as an activity and by the time we were done the kids were like “wow! We have a lot of useless stuff.” There were little post-it’s throughout 3/4 of our entire home! My 10 year old daughter is almost as obsessed with this as I am, she is a little advocate for living “green” and helping the environment. We had our “family meeting” as we do when faced with making decisions that will effect all of us, my children are on board with making this change IF it can be done! So my concern is now basically HOW, WHEN and WHERE???? We are from Philadelphia, so obviously there will be a culture shock for all of us to actually live and function on a daily basis. Are there Tiny Home communities along the East Coast? We are willing to relocate but would like to be close enough to to visit Family via our vehicle. The “WHEN” would obviously be after we sell our current home, we will be left homeless but will have enough money to live someplace temporarily. Are there locations or accommodations made for those who are in the midst of building? And Finally! I am a single mom who has literally just learned how to put a single IKEA piece of furniture together!! I Enjoy and love renovating, designing and decorating homes, but have NEVER picked up a hammer! I am able and willing to learn and most excited to build something for and with my kids. Are there contractors willing to work with us? I know there are workshops on building straw huts, temporary housing etc, but haven’t seen anything remotely close to Philadelphia..What is, or where is ANYTHING on “Tiny Living” close to the East Coast.. Does anyone know of a community or person with whom we could meet and possibly sample this lifestyle with??? I’ve always been a jump in “head first” kind of person but this change is WAY to important for my children. We want to make the best informed, well educated decision we can. I would appreciate any and all questions, comments, concerns, suggestions and information ANYONE would like to share. Thank you!

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