Tiny House Video Tour

  1. In the video he said he had a website, any chance you could toss us a link?

  2. Boy- Did anyone notice his wood stove set up? Maybe I missed something but there doesn’t appear to be any heatshield around the wood stove and with that cotton curtain dangling within inches of the heat I just imagine a pppffftttt as the thing caught fire.Other wise a real cute little house.

    • I did notice the woodstove placement. Looks like a real fire hazard ! Can’t believe someone would post that picture ! Very wrong !!!

  3. It is probably NOT a WOOD stove. It is probably propane, in which case it is zero clearance with the new propane stoves.

  4. You’re right about the couch. Exactly what I am looking at doing with my tiny house. In fact, I talked about that in a blog post today. (Check it out on my link. It’s called “My Tiny House Design”.)

  5. He clearly states in the video that the stove is a Ship Mate type stove, designed to burn wood or coal. No matter what kind of stove, wood, coal or propane, that curtain is TOO close and I’d think it’s too close to the wall.

  6. I wouldn’t even run my oil filled radiator electric heater that close to a curtain. Maybe the stove installation isn’t complete yet, I see a length of stovepipe next to it in the video. You would need to install proper heat shields.

  7. i dont think the stove is in its final position. top of the stove pipe is beside the stove. just there to show where it will be mounted…

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