Tiny House Tour – Bayside Bungalow

Not too long ago I got to sit down with Brittany Yunker of Bayside Bungalow for the first time to learn about her Bungalow.  It was a lot of fun to hear her stories and her tiny house is amazing!  So I thought I’d share some photos, plus Brittany let me know she will be doing a tiny house tour for those of you in the Olympia Washington area.  Details of the tour below photos.  Photos by Christopher Tack, Courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company












Many people over the past year have asked if they could see the Bayside Bungalow and check out the tiny little house that I now rent out as a vacation rental.  Alas, the time has come for a (tiny) Open House!
Are you interested in exploring, testing, touching, trying, photographing, peeing in (the composting toilet – duh!), measuring & learning more about tiny houses?  Then this is for you!  Learn about how it was built, why I decided to build it, how it works, what goes in (water, electricity & food) and how it all comes out (gray water, urine-diverting toilet system), and most of all – does it fit YOU? Bring on the questions!  Bring a sketchpad, measuring tape & camera & explore this tiny house.

What: Open House at the Bayside Bungalow tiny house vacation rental
When: Sunday, August 18, 2pm-6pm
Where: The Bayside Bungalow in Olympia, WA
Your host: Brittany Yunker, builder & owner of the Bayside Bungalow

For directions & more info, photos, or to make a reservation, visit www.baysidebungalow.com

  1. I love this tiny house! The white and exposed wood make it seem so peaceful. Wish I could go to the open house! It would be amazing to check it out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. How beautiful; I love the simple, elegant, light-filled interior.

  3. Absolutely adorable. A tiny house is in my 5 year forward plan…. yours is crisp and homey all at the same time. Inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

    Ms. Minimal

  4. Can you give an approximate to own one of these. I have been curious for some time now. What about water hook up & toilet?

  5. MB – in answer to your question the total cost of me building the house is a little under $20,000. Probably more like $18,000 or so (labor excluded because I didn’t pay myself to build it but I did most all of the work). But I’m cheap & I built a lot of interior stuff myself where some opt for more professional cabinetry, furniture, etc.
    There is a lot of good information about other FAQ’s on my site: www.baysidebungalow.com/faq

  6. My Wife and I actually stayed a couple nights in this tiny house, and it was lovely! You don’t realize how big it really is till you settle in one for a while. Brittany was an amazing host as well.

  7. Hi …I’m from Canada and have a few question:
    Would this tiny tiny home travel trips from Toronto to Calgary(2 times a year) to visit family
    What kind of insulation does it require for winter months?
    I love your tiny house and find it greatly inspirational….thank you for sharing and helping others to live the tiny life! Terri

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