Tiny House In Berkley

The Berkley house was built in California for $98,000 at 420 square feet (about $233 a square foot).  The house features 6″ walls filled with recycled denim insulation.  The house itself is actually a Net-Zero energy house and is powered by a 1.67 Kw solar system.  Pair that with energy saving techniques like insulated pipes, efficient appliances etc, this house actually will produce more than it takes to run it.


  1. Thank you, thank you, for a full bath. And for all the rest, this is just a wonderful use of space. I’d still need to work something else out about the ladder/stairs (my knees are just not up to the climb) but the rest of it is just beautiful.

  2. I’m curious about the ladder. In Sonoma County, they won’t let us use a ladder to get to a loft in a permitted building. Was this house permitted? Do you know how they got away with using a ladder to a loft?
    Also, I’m curious about where this house is. Is it a granny unit behind a larger house? And is it in Berkeley? (Not sure if there’s a town called Berkley.)

    • They might have had a mix of a nice inspector combined with the fact that it is not a ladder technically. It is fixed and it is angled. So its more like an innovative stair design. But that is just a wild guess.

    • If I see it correctly, the folding doors are beside the kitchen and under the upstairs bedroom…why couldn’t you put a dormer up top and have a one person lift put in that area?

  3. This is gorgeous! The upscale cabinetry in the kitchen and a dishwasher!! The loft area looks so cozy! Is the area behind the louvered doors a washer/dryer or a closet? Love it!

  4. $233 sq ft??? Even taking the solar system into account that’s insane for a house built in a backyard.

  5. Nice house, but steep price. Would love to know more about the recycling denim insulation.

    • I used recycled denim insulation on a remodel project for a house I used to own. It was a bit more expensive but awesome to work with. No itching or breathing concerns. I bought an insulation knife and together with a 2×4 made cuts quickly and easily. I found it at http://greendepot.com.

  6. Oh, this is the prettiest one I’ve seen yet. Very nice.

  7. This is true craftsmanship. Cheers! I hope small home builder follow with this level of expertise and thought.

  8. i’d like to see a floor plan. i can’t figure out where the bathroom is.

    • The bathroom appears to be behind the kitchen, on the other side of the hall from the closet. All the plumbing is along one wall, which lowers construction costs.

  9. Where are the building permits and certificate of occupancy?

  10. Do you have floor plans Available For the house?

    • I only have the info in the “via” link at the end of the post.

  11. the bathroom is behind the kitchen so the plumbing is the most efficient. Look to the right of the kitchen and you will see the window/table area and the mini hallway with closet. The bathroom is to the other side.. behind the kitchen.

  12. I would like to know if you have pictures of the outside that you could post. Also, what are the measurements of the outside? thanks, I love this house and I will be using some of the ideas in my own house.

  13. Im building a cabin 16 +24. I have a loft and the kitchen layout is similar to your. I got a spiral staircase but may need to change to your type of stairs. Due to room. Is your treads metal or can you tell me how they are made

  14. I love this because with most tiny houses I get a wee bit grossed out having the toilet (and usually one where the waste doesn’t really “disappear”) so close to where I’m supposed to be cooking food.

    I watched a Mythbusters episode that showed how much bathroom “stuff” ends up in the air and onto toothbrushes in a normal bathroom and (shudder).

    So, it’s nice to see at least a visual separation between these areas while keeping the plumbing in one place. The whole design is really appealing and well thought out!

  15. No stove?

  16. I love this design. What are the dimensions? Is it on a trailer or foundation? Is the loft counted in the square footage. Excellent job on this tiny home! My favorite by far!

  17. Nice one! I would put in a staircase instead of the “ladder”, there certainly is room in the design for that. As well, $98,000.00 is a bit much….It can be done for much, much less!! Maybe not as high end features but still very much an eco-friendly/energy efficient dwelling for probably more than 1/2 of this price!! Don’t let it scare you if it’s out of your budget!!!

  18. Do you rent your house at all? I’m dying to try our tiny living?

  19. Love this tiny house! Although the price is a bit much, it’s awesome! I’d want a stove though, and is there a washer/dryer?

  20. Hi,
    I really like your tiny house.
    Do you have any floor plans?
    What are the outside dimensions of the house?
    Thanks for sharing,

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