Tiny House Conference Update

So as we near closer to the Tiny House Conference I wanted to give you all some more details.  The Conference is being held in Charlotte, NC and will partially piggyback on the Charlotte Clean and Green Festival that I have been able to strike a partnership with.  For the bulk of the day you will independently check out the 100+ booths, take a tour of the off the grid container home, attend the classes, I will be giving 3 talks (most the same material) about Tiny Houses, what they are, why we do them and how it meets our needs for the future.  during the formal event I will be busy give the talks and be at the urban chicken booth, so stop by and say hi!

After the formal event, we will go to a community garden and talk a bit about community engagement and local food.  Following that we will go grab dinner and we can get into some nitty gritty stuff on Tiny Houses.  This portion will be pretty informal, you can ask lots of questions, we can all chat about Tiny Houses and if you have a topic you want more info on, you can bring it up.

Classes are officially announced, you can find the list here

Here is the updated Schedule

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