Tiny House Conference – Charlotte NC

It is official!  The Tiny House Conference is happening.  The conference will be in Charlotte NC, April 16th from 10am to 7pm.  The conference is completely free for all that wish to attend.  I know this is less than a month away, but I recently ironed out the details.  To be able to offer you all a huge array to things to do, I decided to combined forces with Charlotte’s Center for Sustainability, which is a larger event, but gives us more to do. They have agreed to combined efforts, their Green Eco-friendly festival, with my Tiny House education sessions.  So we are officially under the umbrella of the Charlotte Clean and Green Festival, which boasts a huge array of things to do.  I have arranged to also have tours of a completely off the grid container home.  During the day I will be teaching classes on Tiny Houses, running a booth on urban chickens, and running tours of the container home.

You can do all these things that I offer, plus they will have a full schedule of free classes on all sorts of green topics.  I will be posting the class schedule in the next few classes, but rest assure there are going to be some awesome ones!  There will be 100+ booths on all sorts of green /ecofriendly things.  After the classes have ended we will break off from the larger festival as a Tiny House Group and will be heading to a large community garden where we will be giving a tour of the garden, the chickens, quail and an informal talk on local sustainable agriculture.  If folks still have it in them we will grab dinner after and talk.

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  1. Ryan I’ve been following this movement for some time now and tried to get in touch with you after your article came out….. I think in Creative Loafing ..2 yrs ago? Not sure about the time since it flies :>)and I have trouble keeping track. I will try and make it to this conference. I’m curious where the property you are living on in charlotte is and how that is working out with the landlord. Enjoy Portland was there several years ago and really loved the city

  2. Looking for info on possible tiny home communities being considered in Charlotte or fort mill area. I have seen plans for 500 to 700sq Ft homes but have no clue if there are any options in this area. Tiny homes on wheels are too small for me.

  3. I signed up for the conference last week but haven’t received any message. Am I registered?

  4. Dancing is more than a simple shuffle of feet.

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