Tiny House Chat: Tiny Businesses For Tiny Houses

Untitled-1dMacy and I are back at it again.  We will be starting back up the Tiny House Chat. Join us September 2nd at 8pm EST (5pm West Coast) for Tiny House Chat.  For those of you who are new, Tiny House Chat is a basically like a online get togeather where we have a topic, a guest speaker and then we talk about whatever else comes up.  It’s always a

This month we will have Kacie Erickson back on to talk about tiny businesses and tiny houses, how to set up your own micro business to free yourself from the rat race and start to maximize your life’s potential! We will talk about how to go about setting up and running your own business, limitations and benefits of doing that in a tiny house. Kacie is the perfect guest because that is exactly what her business is AND she’s building a tiny house! Check out her background over at www.ikilledthejoneses.com and her tiny house at www.treadingtiny.com.

Macy and I will also be talking about our own adventures and why we feel they fit perfectly into our tiny lifestyle. The more people who are a part of this conversation the better off we will all be, log in and join us with your ideas, questions and concerns, lets hash some info out together!

This chat will be:

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

8pm-9pm Eastern Time (5pm-6pm West Coast)


You can RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1412818222264074/
Mark your calendar!

Tiny House Chat is a space for Tiny House enthusiasts to come together and share ideas and stories. The concept of this is to be for the Tiny House community and facilitated by the community. We hope that this platform will achieve the following:

  • Develop lasting connections among the Tiny House community.
  • Strengthen and expand the community.
  • Foster the sharing of ideas.
  • Provide a resource for the various stages of a tiny house, from the ideas stage to the ‘is-this-working-right’ stage.
  • Have a lot of fun and get to know each other better!!
  • Anyone who is interested will be able to log in and chat via text!
  1. Will there be a way to access this Tiny House Chat session at a later date? I will be unable to listen on September 2nd as I will be out of town without internet access. Thank you!

    • No unfortunately not. The platform we use doesn’t give us the functionality to record the chats. We designed this to be a community interaction event, to build connections and boost the tiny house community.

  2. I too will be out of internet range at the time of the chat.
    I would be beneficial to have the recording so that new people don’t as the same questions over and over. And as a reference material.

    • It would be nice, but a subscription to get that functionality is very $$$

  3. I’d really love to be part of this but taking into consideration the time zones, it would put me smack bang in the middle of my working day.

  4. Hey Emme,

    It is a web meeting basically. We set it up so that the presenters are on audio and video for you and all the attendees can use a chat box function. We found this to be the best way for us and it allows you all to have conversations and ask questions of the presenters. We also chat too.

    You don’t have to RSVP, We have it there for people who wish to. We thought about recording, but we want this to be a conversation and the best way to do that is have people there at the chat. We do this for free for you all and to record would cost us about $1,000, so right now we can’t have both.

    We had a similar thought since it is a holiday, but we’ve come to realize people will either come or not. No matter what day we choose, there will be people who will have to miss, people are busy, so we just went for it 🙂 So far so good, we have 25 confirmed people coming.

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