Tiny House Bike Trailers

Camper-Bike-On-the-Move-600x398How can tiny houses get any better? By attaching them to bikes of course! I love these designs and the mobility without the petrol dependency is right up my alley. Also check out this awesome bike trailer design posted by Ryan. My question is: could I actually tow one of these and live out of it? Not sure but it’d be fun to find out!

Last summer when Cedric and I bike toured we were living out of a tent. After three months I could have really used one of these! It’s probably not the most versatile way to travel by bike but it would sure get a lot of attention. I’m really interested in the extreme ways that people are solving housing issues and creatively using small spaces. I think these bike trailers are such an exceptional example of human ingenuity. I’m continually trying to live a less petrol based lifestyle and while having a tiny house definitely moves me in that direction, this would be the maximum form of commitment!  Plus, if I am having a hard time living in 98 sq. feet, how hard would it be to downsize further! A real bike newThese bike pulled tiny spaces are certainly an extreme in the small space revolution but the impact on society could be huge! At the very least it might be able to provide housing to a growing population who don’t have the means to build a tiny house and pull such a structure but most everyone can get a hold of a bike. Although, to call this “housing” may be stretching things a bit. Shelter may be more apt!

I think it’d be great if bicycle cooperatives and shops could start assisting with constructing spaces such as these. There’s definitely a marketable perspective to such structures as well, for example, with travelers of the two-wheeled variety. I could see some bike enthusiasts wanting to take on the challenge of travel with such equipment. I don’t think it would be easy and you would be limited to terrain you could tackle with such a load but it just makes me itch to take a winter cruise through Florida with one of these rigs! I’d definitely have to stick to flat lands but it would be good fun and it would sure beat a tent! The slow traveler in me feels drawn to the people power of such a set-up plus the attention you’d get traveling with this would be great entertainment. Pretty much the best collision of bicycles and tiny living ever!

 Your Turn!

  • Would you consider living such a tiny life?


  1. Does anybody remember the shelter cart in Lester Walker’s tiny house book? http://thebillfold.com/2012/11/a-litte-house-of-my-own/ shows it. It wasn’t made as a camper but the layout was pretty practical. Too tiny for me and my knees are too far gone for cycling anyway. I think some of these are more entertaining as concepts than as actual functioning trailers. Would be perfect little guest spaces though, especially if you made a miniature version of your bigger camper or trailer the way some people used to make miniature versions of their house as a playhouse.

  2. A number of years ago, I saw an article about an African American man who lived in an enclosed recumbent that he had made. A few months later, I saw him by the road in rural Northern California. He seemed to be doing well.

  3. Good article. Good cheap way to at least vacation away from your tiny home.

  4. yeah i could live in that. actually, ive started designing my own tiny bike home. solar powered, rain water collection sysetem. small alcohol stove. a small twig burning stove a heating device, a showering device and a toilet. the shelving and lounge chair floor are all going to be made of recycled cardboard boxes. and using my blacksmith forge i will make a lot of the hardware in need. possible electric assist on the trailer. the idea is to live almost for free. except for food. i should be able to live on about 150 a month or less. depending on what foods i buy.. btw im only 16 and this will be my home after i turn 18.

  5. My wife is despondent about the prospect of spending our ‘golden years’ in a refrigerator box. I sent her this article to cheer her up – we still enjoy our bikes.

  6. I’d do it for a weekend!

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