Time To Meet?

So my friend Kent over at TinyHouseBlog.com has put forth a great post, he is asking about the next steps we need to take to start meeting face to face.  Now this is not an easy task, for many of us, we are far from others.  In fact, this blog is read by people in 150+ countries!

I did have a map going of where Tiny House people are located, but it recently was shut down because the website that ran it shut its doors.  The other bloggers and I need to come up with a replacement, I will be talking with them soon on that note.

Why should we meet?

First off, it is always good to socialize with people who are passionate about the same thing.  I have talked about how relationships are so important and how I try to drive a personal connection.  Next I see it as a way to gather and share information in a highly concentrated form.  The information gained in a few hours of talking would talk 10’s or 100’s of post on this blog. Finally bring a group together with a Tiny House bring press, press bring awareness to our issue and challenges thinking.

What will do?

What I propose – this can be changed and improved – is after locating people in a certain area, we determine a meeting place that is central.  The most successful meet will have at least one Tiny House which will draw people and the press if things go well.  The day will consist of:

  • Meet and greet
  • Tiny House tour
  • Sharing our story with press
  • Information sessions
  • Distributing materials
  • Exchanging contact info
  • Determining next steps (if any?)

What’s next?

In the comments please give me some feedback on what I laid out here.  Some questions you might consider in your comment:

  • What would you like to see?
  • What info sessions would be useful?
  • Where are you located?
  1. I’ll start out by saying I am in Charlotte NC and have space too meet and park a Tiny House for the day.

    I know one topic for me is approaching municipalities for zoning/permit exceptions.

  2. i am a french reader, more interested by small apartments but i do love the website which is just so amazing !!! I’d be curious to know if there are other european readers… i come here everyday !

  3. I would like to attend something like this. Southern Florida.

  4. * What would you like to see?
    * What info sessions would be useful?

    How people utilize space in their tiny house. How to actually become grid independent.

    * Where are you located?

    Kentucky–currently in process (walls framed) of building a 320 square foot cabin in Western KY.

  5. I would attend as well. This would be awesome. Justin I’m in South Florida too… Naples, FL.

    Other good topics would be solar power, propane usage… And it would be awesome to have construction seminars in various locations across the country.

  6. I’m about a month away from finishing a tiny house in Austin, TX. I’m planning to sell it when completed but could host an event before that.

    I’m realizing there are a lot of little things I would have done differently had I known. Brainstorming sessions like that would be helpful.

  7. Zoning issues are probably the biggest issue I can think of, though I know they’ve changed recently around here to allow backyard cottages…that’s about all I’ve been able to find out.

    I’m in Seattle, and would love to tour some of the great tiny places that I know are hiding around here!

  8. I’m a year away from graduating college, and would LOVE to tour a tiny house on wheels! Planning on building one after I graduate.

    I’d be interested in learning more about working with used/salvaged materials, use of woodstoves in tiny houses, etc…I’m interested in making my tiny house fully energy-independent (solar power, wood heat/cooking, humanure toilet, maybe wood-heat hot water & rain harvesting?) I’m not sure anything else would make me happier, than to successfully build a tiny house where I could be self-reliant (with only locally-sourced fuels & little waste).

    I’m in Maine (summer) and Washington, DC (September-May).

    • Awesome! I will wanna see photos! so feel free to share with me!


  9. I’d love to meet also. Am in the Raleigh Durham area but in Florida for the winter.I’d like to hear from the folks who have done it already, complete with costs, permits, and especially tips..e,g,what to avoid when trying to go solar.
    I’d suggest regional meetings. Is there some way those of us in NC could connect? I don’t know the rules are for sharing personal info…Again, I’m interested in using and getting feedback on prebuilt sheds from Home Depot,Lowes, etc.

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