This Is Water

Yesterday I found this video from a friend and fellow tiny houser that I thought was worth sharing.  The video talks about a whole slew of things, some I agree with, some I don’t, but it makes some really good points.  I like its commentary on how we have a decision to make on how we  perceive the world, how we make our way through our life is our choice.  He also made a really good point about how education isn’t just about knowledge, how it is about the ability to consider things around us that might often not be considered, but can have dramatic implications on our lives.




  1. Wow…so very true. Sharing this. Thank you. : )

  2. interesting

  3. All is possible, all is real at some moment. The saddest thought to occur to me was that I knew no one to share this with, especially the ones who experience this and choose not to acknowledge the option and opportunity to see.

  4. This is more or less what my mom tried to tell me way back when, that life is what you make it. BUT – this is a way more articulate version that’s easier to absorb because it’s explained to you instead of preached at you. An awful lot of good advice is rejected out of hand because so much other info from that source was obviously BS.

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