The Tiny House Movement Across The Country

The movement is growing, we have seen it in the number of people coming to this website, the number of houses being built and if you haven’t checked out the Tiny House Map, you should and be sure to add yourself!  I came across this great video of some tiny houses and the people who live in them.

tiny houseYour Turn!

  • Are you planning on building your Tiny House yourself or have someone build it for you?
  1. I will absolutely be needing a reasonable person to construct my tiny home. I’m not as vigorous as I was a few years ago, when I would have attempted DIY construction.

    I’ll want to be designing my own floor plan and would prefer paying pre-fab prices over custom. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to embark on this, the zoning laws will be brought in line with the public need for these types of structures.

  2. We are starting to build our tiny home. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

    I would like to add our names to the map, but the link didn’t work.

  3. I’m currently building my own Tiny House in Ojai, CA with a custom design to fit my needs. My design incorporates a large deck (as large as the tiny house itself) with double french doors to allow as much light and air inside.

    I am an architect who is working with City and County officials to change local zoning ordinances for smaller structures, and hopefully incorporate this concept as part of a larger development on a single parcel of land. I’m very interested in using this model for community building.

    I’ve also put my name in the Tiny House Map for anyone who wants to contact me and share ideas!

  4. Just added our build to the tiny house map. Very exciting to see all the other tiny housers out there!

  5. We are working WITH a builder to build our tiny house! Nathan and the crew at Tiny SMART House are so outstanding……I can’t wait to move in soon! And FYI, you should check them out…, they’re so awesome.

  6. Nice video.

  7. Appreciate the video ~ very supportive, thank you!

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