The Things I Miss Most

There are all the good things about living the tiny life and then there are the things that I miss most. Of course, you don’t have to miss these things! It all comes down to design and what you deem necessary to your well-being and happiness in your living space. After nearly two years living the tiny life, here is what I’ve started to pine for.

aofuro1. Long, luxurious soaks in the tub. Yes, I’ll admit it. I love to fill up a huge tub with water and just lay there. At a Permaculture workshop I attended we played an icebreaker game of confession where everyone in the class went around and fessed up about their most non-sustainable guilty pleasure. Mine was a bath.  I know it’s wasteful and most certainly a luxury but I can’t help but crave those relaxing times spent in steaming water surrounded by bubbles! Any time I house sit, the first thing I look for is a tub. I actually looked in to the Japanese ofuro, a traditional soaking tub that you sit instead of lay down in, but I was told it wasn’t a practical addition to the size bathroom we were building. I think it’s a plausible addition to a small space if planned for early on in the design and I would love to see such a tub  incorporated in to a tiny house!

2. Stability in my living situation. We’ve moved our house 3 times in 2013 and while mobility was a plus when we built La Casita, I never saw us moving quite so much. While it is much less of a hassle than moving in or out of a regular home, it definitely has it’s challenges and feeling settled can take awhile.

Acraftroom3. Craft space/room. Not only for working but also for material storage. We don’t have the space in 98 square feet to meet this need. I really pared down my art materials when we moved in to La Casita and while one solution could be to rent a separate space, that’s not a financially viable option for me right now.

4. Comfortable sleeping room for guests. I miss having a space for friends and family to stay when they visit. We used to host people all the time in our other homes but in La Casita folks either have to sleep on an uncomfortable bench downstairs or camp. With winter not far off in Vermont, camping won’t be an option for much longer. Sure, there are nice B&B’s and cozy hotels for folks to stay but it’s just not the same. I love waking up in the morning and making coffee for guests and a plate of popovers! It’s the best!

5. Having huge potlucks in my living room. This was my favorite activityapotluckpicture and what I miss most about living in larger spaces. I love filling a kitchen with delicious food and cheerful, hungry people! While I have found other outlets and friends who enjoy doing the same in their homes, I miss being able to offer that hospitality.

While all of these needs have creative solutions, which I’ve explored in various posts, I still find myself daydreaming of bubble baths and bright, expansive indoor spaces for shared meals and guests. Perhaps it’s just the American in me trying to break free or maybe this is a normal process of living the tiny life. Once in a while you are going to wish for things you don’t have. It’s only human right?

Your Turn!

  • Is there anything you miss most living in less square footage?
  1. Interesting post. Most tiny house people are DYI types so I imagine finding space to store all of your supplies and tools would be hard to do. I think if I had a tiny house with a garage/workshop I’d be set for life.

  2. I grew up three doors down from my Japanese family friends since 1965. In their backyard is a small building with a Japanese tub. This tub has a tin bottom and a home made removable bottom (pallet type) placed in the tub before entering. On the outside under the tin is a small area where they light a fire to heat their water. They soak in the tub and get out of the tub to lather up and rinse off the soap so that it does not go back into the water. The whole family of 6 used the same water and the last one just pulled the plug and a ramp directed the water to a different location towards the garden. I enjoyed it so much…It is not a waste of the water when used in such a way. Do not lather in the water and you can be guilt free.

  3. My wife and I are hoping we will have enough clearance with the wheelwell to squeeze in a tub in the back corner. Our current small cabin only has a shower, and we would so like to soak in a tub occasionally.

  4. I have thought that if I lived in a tiny house, a double car garage with a summer kitchen and a fireplace (for winter use) would handle the storage, big family dinners, get togethers and so much of the stuff a big house offers.. Maybe a couple of loft bedrooms for guests. My thoughts were that way I wouldn’t be heating a big space but I would have the emidities of a big house when needed.
    I hope I’m thinking right and not going against the Tiny House thoughts!

  5. well written and sincere insights. thank you. blessings….scott

  6. 98 sf. can be tight space a more than one person. It can be tight for a single person.

    It sounds like you need a tiny house that is larger.
    Just as we wouldn’t expect a family of 5 to move into a one bedroom apartment. Tiny homes work the same way.

    I live in a 34′ Tiny House. I’ve passed the one year anniversary in July and I LOVE it. My 225 sf. is perfect for me. My must haves were a large kitchen sink, full size front load washer, 40″ bathtub, big kitchen, big desk area, 2 doors, built on porch(on end), large storage area, wired for 12volt and solar, and at least 2 skylights.

    If I had wanted a whirlpool tub, I’m sure it would have fit.

    If you can, consider building a new Tiny house that can handle your reasonable needs. I didn’t hear anything that is not plausible.

    You could also simply build another small tiny house that would house the luxury tub, work center, and storage. Two tiny buildings that house are easy to site.

    Good luck to you.

  7. I know one thing I will miss in my tiny house will be long, hot showers. Yes, I will have hot water available to me, but in short supply. I am building off-grid so will be using tank water. Having said that, when a hot shower is called for the most, in the cold of winter, water security will be more of a sure thing, so I guess I’ll be able to indulge from time to time.

    Desirable World –

  8. The new Four Lights tiny house plans have an ofuro tub incorporated.

  9. This is for Erik M: If your tiny house is 8 ft wide or less, would you mind posting link to pictures? I’m interested in one close to that length but didn’t now if such a narrow width would work well or not.

  10. I have not heard any mention of solar heat? How are these tinytings kept warm;)

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