The Hermitage

This is a interesting structure, all the sides and top opens up to allow a view of nature, but it closes up tight when you are away or in bad weather. It is a prefab house that can be set on the ground or suspended in a tree or on a pole. The house was designed to be very simple, to bring about introspection and foster solitude.


  1. Enh. As an art installation, I can kind of see it. But I really can’t see anything functional about it, other than it keeps your bed linens off the ground. If you want to sleep outside, how about an air mattress or a cot? Then you eliminate all the lines and artificial aspects of the “view” from inside this house. But if you want the structure a house provides, then put some function into it–at least add windows and a glass roof to keep the elements out.

  2. This is amazing! It would be most helpful if the prefabs were sourced.
    Thanks for sharing.


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