The Great Debate: Jay’s Beard

Many of you have seen Jay Shafer’s spotlight on Fox Business News which featured the Pompo Tiny House.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is a great video showing the house and brings the Tiny House Movement to the mainstream somewhat.  Below is the video.  I was sitting in Google’s new “hangouts” video chat with a few Tiny House people.  We took a moment to watch this video and the first thing that came out of someone’s mouth was “I’m not sure about the beard”  oddly enough it started a 15 minute conversation on Jay’s facial hair, who essentially is the spokes person in some ways for the Tiny House Movement.  So in addition to checking out this great video, vote on Jay’s beard.










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  1. A little facial hair is always awesome, but there is just something a little disturbing about the horseshoe mustache. To many western villains I think.

  2. The one photo screams “mild-mannered architect” and the other has a sort of “survivalist in a shack” vibe.

    But it’s his face, so he can do as he pleases. : )

  3. It reminds me of Morgan Spurlock:

  4. I’ve never met his wife so I don’t feel comfortable commenting on her. I wish we lived in a society where people could love who they want and be accepted for it. I just hope he’s happy.

  5. Hmm, just two options, no middle ground that it’s Jay’s business?

  6. Joe Dirt!

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