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Ridgeblade Turbine


One of the many issues of using alternative energy sources is simply getting permission or working around laws which had never perceived an instance where a person might put a windmill up, or a solar panel.  I know in the neighborhood I live in now, regrettably so,  they can force you into foreclosure (even when nothing is owed) if you put solar panels on your roof.  While there are some that question the legitimacy of such neighborhood covenants when it comes to solar and wind, there is often strong position.   Here is a concept that just was awarded 3/4 of a million dollars to take it to production.  This simply is a cap that goes on your ridge line and generates a power that way.  It is rather unobtrusive and you could probably get it past most home owners associations. ridgeblade2

Instead of creating a free-standing turbine that sticks out for all the neighbors to see, The Power Collective designed its long-bladed turbine to fit in along the ridge of a roof, where wind currents are strongest. The Ridgeblade packs a powerful punch, too — it has the wind-capturing potential of a medium sized turbine.