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Small House Book On Sale!

For those of you who haven’t checked out Jay’s Small House Book, I highly recommend it.  I have a copy and really enjoyed it.  It allows people to really wrap their head around the design approach Jay uses, talks in depth about building a Tiny House and shows off some of his designs.  It is currently on sale for $29.95
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Austin Tiny House Update

One of our readers, Jeremy, was able to go to the open house of the Austin Tiny House.  He sent along some great photos and I wanted to share with you all.  Thanks Jeremy!

Tiny House: Less Is More

A great commentary has been done by Bethany Lyttle of the New York Times, she talks about Tiny Houses, the movement, and why people are turning to this solution.

Note: the Audio is a bit echo-y sorry for that, but it still very clear.

Tumbleweed Study Plans

Today the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company launched it series of study plans to allow people to print off the basics and take it to their local contractor.  The plans will allow just enough information to get a price quote.  Once you do decide to pull the trigger, you will still need to purchase the plans ($500-$1000) but it give you the tools to take the first step!

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Update On Asheville Tiny House

Several weeks back I covered a Tiny House in my neck of the woods, Asheville, North Carolina.  I wanted to follow up and show some of their progress.

To find my first post check it out here

So since the last post they have finished sheeting the exterior, dropped in the windows, wrapped the house with tyvek and started the siding.


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