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Urban Homestead Making A Sustainable Village



The past few day has rather blindsided me to be honest.  I found out about the ridiculous homesteading copyright yesterday at about 11am, I was informed by you and other readers.  I personally think that the claims the Drevaes family has tried to assert are ridiculous.  I also feel that the copyright will soon be revoked, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has helped several people lawyer up and they have a very good track record.

The point is, I became aware of this after my posts were made, had I known about the controversy, the post would not have been made.  The upshot of it all is that there have been some interesting conversations done in the comments.  To delete the post would be to delete the comments and conversations.

So I invite you to continue reading the blog and would love to hear your thoughts.



Many of you know in addition to loving Tiny Houses, I have an interest in sustainable food systems, I see these things as very interconnected.  Now Path To Freedom’s Urban Homestead is looking to start a sustainable village, where, dare I say, Tiny Houses just might find a home.  Check out this video.