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Tiny House Workshops – Online



micro-workshops-logoWith the roll out of Tiny House Craftsman we are also adding to the line up our Tiny Workshops!  You might have noticed a new link on our menu – “Events” – which will bring you to where you can sign up for them.  Our online tiny workshops are a quick way for you to learn everything you need to know about tiny houses, how to build, what the life is like, and much more!

Each session is 30 minutes long on a specific topic and you can get all your questions answered.  Our first session will be an intro to tiny houses where you can get a lot of your burning questions answered.  Followed up by that we’ll get down to the nitty gritty and focus on particular topics.

Let me know in the comments if there are other times/days that people want, if we have enough I can add a session!

  • Intro To Tiny Houses – Nov 16th 10am EST
  • How To Design Your House – Nov 23rd 10am EST
  • Choosing A Trailer – Nov 30th 10 am EST
  • Water, Power, Toilets, HVAC – Dec 7th 10 am EST

Your Turn

  • Let me know if there are other times that people want, if we have enough I can add a session!
  • What topics do you want to see in future Tiny Workshops?


Build It Tiny Workshop – Portland

My good friend over at Portland Alternative Dwellings will be teaching a Tiny House workshop that will  focus on practical solutions for some of the more challenging little house conundrums:

  • Where to place/park your tiny house
  • Code enforcement
  • Insurance
  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Waste water
  • Drum roll please… toilets!

The workshop will provide detailed information from local experts, and a great opportunity to meet others in the tiny house community. It will be an awesome opportunity to further flesh out the details for your little house, and to sort through some of the hard-knuckle decisions associated with a tiny house.  Find out more at her website here

For those of you who don’t know Dee yet, she was one of Jay’s first customers and has started building Tiny Houses for people a while ago.  She is also the great author of Go House Go, one of my favorite Tiny House Plan Books, click the image to find out more!

Day One – Tiny House Workshop

Today I traveled to Raleigh, NC to check out Jay Shaffer’s Tiny House Workshop, which is designed to teach people how to build their own Tiny Home.  When I walked into the meeting room, I knew we would have a good number of people, but I didn’t expect to have over 50 people here!

After doing introductions, we jumped into building codes and zoning, talking about several options when it comes to legal issues.  The message to drive home here was, it depends.  It depends on your local entity, on the person you talk to and their mood.  Overall, we discussed many options.

We also had two groups talk about their Tiny Houses that they are actually building, a group down in Charleston and another couple building their own house.  This was a really neat aspect to see the houses they were creating, it also gave some great outside viewpoints on the design and building process.

We are now into the actual construction of the house.  We talked about trailers, framing, sheeting and many  many other details.  I will report about tomorrow’s