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Craftsman Tiny House

I found this house over at Tiny House Listings and I really liked the interior wood work.  I have been gradually warming up to the doors on the side of Tiny Houses, though I wonder about having the doors open inwards, in a small space, I could see it being very restrictive in terms of where you can place chairs etc.    This house is actually for sale for $24,700 and the builder described the house:

This 8 foot by 20 foot eco-friendly smart home could be perfect for student housing, a Backyard Studio, Mother-in-Law or Rental Cottage, home office, portable business or vacation cabin. This unit features a 7×6 sleeping loft. Considered an “RV” this house can be located in your driveway, backyard, vacant land, RV park, campground or driven anywhere you want to go (per local zoning laws.) Furnished with conduit for electrical with options for water, sewer and LP gas for a kitchenette, toilet and shower. Other options include solar panels for off-grid living and a detachable utility trailer for easy waste water disposal and fresh water refill. Can also be outfitted for standard RV type utility hook-ups.

You can find more info here and all photos are from them too:  click here


Your Turn!

  • Do you like Tiny Houses with doors on the side like this one or doors off the back like a tumbleweed?