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Tree Tents

Found this interesting “tree tent” that is made to house two temporarily, it has a wood stove, water storage, solar panel options, natural wool insulation and is made from recycled and/or sustainable materials.

Three meter diameter spherical frame of aluminum and green ash that is encased in a tailored cotton canvas. Inside the snug space, which anchors to nearby trees, are 100% wool winter thermal liners for warmth, along with a wood stove, water storage and options for renewable electricity.

Luminair describes their inspiration for the Tree Tent: “akin to an airship in many ways, its dirigible structure blends two very different but similar engineering materials – aluminum and wood; with inspiration and design queues taken heavily from early zeppelin engineering and early lightweight aircraft design.


Paper Bark Camp

This is a hotel room in New South Wales.  The resort hosts 12 canvas style tents and a restaurant, all of this is only a few steps away from the beach.  What I like about this design is the congregated metal roofing used at wall sheeting matched with the dark wood floors.   While this isn’t a complete house, this would certainly serve as a great temporary home while you build your tiny house on some land.