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Multi Use Furniture

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As I pointed out yesterday, flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to storage and space in a Tiny House.   One of the many reasons that Tiny Houses can work is that when you design them, you do so with a very intentional approach.  You have thought through all aspects, you have tinkered with different ideas and solutions, you read various blogs to see what others are doing.  One part of maximizing space is to have items that are multi-use, to take what you need and combined into one.  This chair and table does just that, it allows you to have a small table when it is just you, but then converts to an extra chair when you have guests.


The design involves a bare minimal number of moving parts, joints and other points at which a more complex piece of transforming furniture typically breaks down. Designer Aissa Logerot is as interested in making her creation durable and well-constructed in addition to being quite cool and stylish.

Awesome Table


Tables are one of those things that are obviously very useful, but if you live in a tiny home, its a bit cumbersome to have one because they take up so much space.  Here is an innovative idea of how to get around the need for bulk furniture.

The table is actually cut from one piece of plywood, reducing the scrap waste that’s common to furniture production. The table is the brainchild of Italian eco designer Lodovico Bernardi.

-Apartment Therapy – Boston

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Great Legs!

I found these over at Ryan Sorrell’s website.  They are these metal legs that have a built in clamp to attach to any piece of wood to form a table.   A Table is always something that I saw as a big hurtle for living in a Tiny house.  I usually am not sitting at the table unless I have guest over.  With being able to take these legs on and off, I could store the legs easily and with some planning a plank of wood would be easy to store as long as you make sure to store it the right way.