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Sauna House

This minimal Tiny House is actually a bathhouse with all the amenities of a house.  it is from Sweden and is designed for people to sit in the sauna and then jump in the cool water of the outside pool.  The best part of this house for me isn’t the house, but the landscaping.  With amazing reed partitions, a natural soaking pool, and a nature all around, I am very jealous of this place.  Not quite sure the size of it is.

Sauna overview

saun inside

saunca walkway

saunca bath


Plane Meets Hostle


Over in Sweden, they have come up with an interesting idea, lets take old planes and convert them to a hostel.  This converted 747 is from a now bankrupt sweedish airline that is no longer using it.  Here is what Inhabitat had to say.


The Jumbo Hostel is housed within a retrofitted 747-200 situated in the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. The jumbo jet has a long history of service – it was originally built for Singapore Airlines and even flew for Pan Am. It was last operated by Transjet, a now bankrupt Swedish airline. The Jumbo Hostel has 25 rooms with three bunk beds each. Each room is around 6 square meters, and naturally, a lucky visitor will get the chance to sleep in the cockpit.

Many original parts of the plane still remain – the lounge bar and first class seats are still there, as well as the oxygen masks. New rooms are expected to be built in the engine compartments, where the original rotor blades will be used as venetian blinds.

It is not often that one gets to stretch his or her legs out comfortably in an airplane, and while this isn’t quite like flying in first class, it does the trick and is an ingenious way to save a plane from being sent to landfill. The hostel is now open to visitors.



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