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Bale Haus


Found this great house that is a hay bale house, what I like about this is how they still use wooden interiors and exteriors.  Normally bale houses are stucco exteriors, which is a good look, but for those who want cleaner lines, this is great.

With the rising price and decreasing availability of lumber, straw has gained attention as a renewable resource that is regularly available as the byproduct of growing grains. Farmers use a little straw to fertilize the ground, but most straw otherwise goes to waste. Each year, 200 million tons of straw go unused in the United States [source: U.S. Department of Energy]. Straw is available in most parts of the country, which reduces transportation costs of construction. With more than 50 percent of all greenhouse gases produced by the construction industry and the transportation associated with it, these savings can be significant


Check out how they make the walls, with really nice large lumber beams that make up these frames.




floorplan bottom

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