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Printing In The Sand

So I found this video which has been picked up by several credible websites, but I still have trouble believing this is real.  This is a machine that uses the suns rays to create 3D objects like a printer or a rapid prototyping machine.  My skepticism come from the fact that in order to melt sand, it needs to be heated to around 4,000 degrees F, which even accounting for the heat of the desert etc. seems really unlikely.

However, if this is true, think about the applications it could have.  With larger and larger parts of the world falling prey to desertification, we find sand to be very prevalent.  What if we were to use this method to build bricks to build homes!  The machine need no external power and with a few tweaks, could be made to refill sand on its own and there could be a whole slew of these going at one time.