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Cutting The Cable

One month ago I cut the cable, I now no longer have cable TV.  There was a period were I kept wanting to watch a particular show, but now I find that I don’t really want to watch TV except the occasional DVD that I can get from Redbox or Netflix.  The decision was brought about for two reasons, first off in my mind, it was more money than I thought it was worth, second was that once I got used to not having it, I wouldn’t really missed it.

This was a step in simplification of my life as I make my way to a tiny house.  One of the expected outcomes of having a simpler life is that you then get to focus on relationships and enjoying the company of those around you.  With this change an interesting thing happened.  On the rare occasion I did want to see a particular show, me and friends started getting together for dinner, then we would watch the show.  We would cooks these great meals from scratch, teach those who didn’t cooks, how to cook and that 30 minute show became a 4 hours social event.  So what once was a purely idle and anti-social event, became a social event, education, focused on good food. fun and interactive. There just might be something to this 🙂