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Oscarson Townhouse

Today’s house is from Stockholm, the house is designed for two people and is larger than our normally featured homes, but it is roughly 900 square feet of interior living space and another 4oo of outdoor space.  To boot the owner needed a seperate office space (included in the square foot number). The issue the designer faced was they had to do all of this in a very narrow lot.  The lot was barley 15 feet wide and only 45 feet deep, so the question was, how can we have a house here, but still have an outdoor space?  Here’s how…












Hotel Life Raft

This is a hotel that you can stay in for about $100 a night, they are old life raft/boats that have been re-purposed.  The designer specializes in making things from garbage and this is one of his latest creations.  While it is a neat idea, the interior leaves leave much to be desired for buy has real potential.




Resurection Of The Hummer

Many of you know, but the Hummer – a gas guzzling civilian version of the Humvee – has officially started to get phased out.  The question is, if there is left over stock, what do we do with them?  Here is an ironic twist of fate, where a Hummer is being turned into a Tiny House!  The house is actually constructed of 8 cars for added space, it is also fitted with a lot of green and sustainable features and materials.


107 Square Feet In Sao Paulo

So today we have a post for our friends on the other side of the pond, a pretty over-the-top British homage to Kate and William.  The apartment is only 107 square feet, but packs in a small kitchenette, dining area and a area for socializing.  I am assuming the back couch somehow converts into a bed.  The bold colors certainly makes for a great space, but I do wonder about natural light, I don’t see any windows which a downside, however being that it was done in an exhibition hall, it might not make sense.


Luke’s Barely Habitable

This is one of the smallest apartments I have seen to date, at 78 square feet its pretty extreme!  This being in New York its obvious Luke eats out most meals, but still finds room for a small fridge.  He actually built all the furnishing himself, including the bed which is pretty neat.