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182 Square Foot Apartment

The Seattle Times has a great new article on a really Tiny Apartment that fit the needs of this bachelor.  Really interesting design elements here, especially the hidden soaking tube that is hidden under the floor!

Sauer likes this precision. Awkward spaces, wasted places annoy him. Two alarm clocks, two music sources, extra furniture. Needless, needless, needless.  “What I really wanted was one place with exactly what I needed and wanted. Quality is more important than quantity for me, and extra space only a problem,” he has written, describing his nearby too-big-for-him, one-bedroom condo.  To me he says, “I tend to like things in their place.”  And that explains it: The uber-cool, fully functional 182-square-foot home for two on the basement floor of a 102-year-old apartment building that Sauer is finishing after seven years of work. It could also have something to do with his line of work — airplane interiors engineering for Boeing. And education — a master’s degree in whole-systems design.


5 Hideaway Bed Videos

When I was looking around for videos I noticed that for some reason, videos of hide away beds includes techno music, but none the less, these are pretty neat!






Tiny Houses Make Another Splash

Tiny Houses have continued to charm and excite imaginations with yet another headline by NPR featured on the Yahoo! homepage.  It is obviously that Tiny Houses have an innate charm and spark conversations across the globe about how we live or more specifically, what we live in.

The Japanese have long endured crowded cities and scarce living space, with homes so humble a scornful European official once branded them rabbit hutches.

But in recent years, Japanese architects have turned necessity into virtue, vying to design unorthodox and visually stunning houses on remarkably narrow pieces of land. In the process, they are also redefining the rules of home design.

Few Americans would consider a parking-space-sized lot as an adequate site to build a house. But in Japan, homes are rising on odd parcels of land, some as tiny as 300 square feet.

Link to full story:  here

Smaller In Texas Container Home

Here is a 8 foot by 40 foot container home located in texts.  Designed by Jim Poteet to be living space plus a garden storage area on one end, the entire thing is surrounded by well manicured gardens.


Hinkle Farm Tiny House

So many of you know about the Tiny Lake House, I think it is my favorite Tiny Houses to date, but this one might be in the running.  Not surprisingly it is built by the same architect  Broadhurst Architects which has hit another home run with this one.  The house features their signature all glass garage style door, opening out to the most gorgeous vista.  With the fall colors it reminds me of living in New Hampshire when I was a child.  The house is simple, but has a very honest quality to it.  The garage door opens out to a porch to take advantage of the outdoors, I would just love to be able to sleep in a comfy bed with the door open (maybe add a bug screen) on a warm summer night.