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Gregory and Emily’s

I was emailed this gem located in NYC, it is an apartment sitting at 629 square feet, so its rather large for this blog, but there are two individuals living in it, so I’ll let it slide.

The couple renovated this 1917 fixer-upper from a rundown apartment to an appealing pad.  While the retro feel of the place might not be for everyone, the layout is pretty great for maximizing space.

Ping Pong Apartment

At a mere 90 square feet one begins to wonder….can you even fit 25,000 ping pong balls in the space?  The answer is yes, if you cover the walls in them.  With built in shelves and dresser, this room just has the basics.  What’s the catch?  Well there isn’t a kitchen, but this is NYC and there are many apartments who don’t have kitchens; instead they take advantage of all the amazing restaurants in the city.

Jim & Sid’s Tiny Houses

Got an email from Jim and Sid about their tiny houses, here is what they had to say

We recently posted a youtube video of the tiny houses my wife and I have lived in/remodeled in the past 5 years. They range from app. 220 sq. ft-580 sq. ft, plus 2 “watermelons” (fiberglass travel trailers).  I also included our 900 sq. ft. home in Trinidad, Co even though it is not tiny, the overall cost (mortgage, taxes, ins, utilities is cheaper than most tiny houses and it’s an 1885 adobe in a really cool town)