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Fold Up Container House

While this container home isn’t going to win any awards for looks, the fact that it opens up to three times its width in only a few minutes is pretty impressive.  This is obviously geared to remote location work sites, relief work, or military applications but I thought it was worth sharing!

Fold Up Container House

Fold Up Container House

ECObitat Prefab Modular System

Here is a neat prototype is kinda neat and has recently won a few awards for design.  From the designer:

The ECObitat start from a modular system of 2.44 m x 3,10 m x 12.20 m, scaled from the standard OSB  plate (oriented strand board) of 1.22 m x 2.44 m, defining areas of flexible multipurpose that can be progressively coupled and adequate for transport. Legs telescope from the base ensuring a good adaptability to different types of topographies. The responsible use of recyclable and industrial materials results in a speedy and prompt delivery of manufacturing space modules.
The main materials of the system are:
– Structure in “steel framing”
– Vertical walls and floor in OSB with thermo-acoustic insulation;
– Coverage in metal type sandwich tiles;
– Window in tempered glass;
– Green roof and walls;
– System of reuse of water;
– Use of solar panels for water heating;
– Use of wind power to generate electricity.


Tiny Container Houses

lots of containers
Container homes aren’t anything new by a long shot, but I hadn’t looked at them in a while because they are so widely covered. After coming across one as of late I decided to take another look.  What I found?  Some really interesting stuff has been done, there is of course a lot of really big homes, this method allows you to make really large spaces cheaply.  But single units that can be transported are of interest to me; with economies swaying this was and that way, jobs about as stable as a mental patient and loyalty having a dollar price I need flexibility to move with my house.
contain house
I don’t want to have to worry about if my house will sell or if I can find a new house in time.  Instead, I simply buy a plot of unimproved land, pay a hundred or so dollars a year in taxes on it and just keep it.  If I own 20 of these I instantly have a 20 vacation spots ( for $2000 in taxes a year, less than what normal folks pay on their homes annually) and potentially one of them might end up being desirable and I can sell it at a premium.
I was really impressed with how nice some of these look in the below videos, so check them out.  I also found this great website all about this stuff, he runs a blog too, but doesn’t update it very often unfortunately.