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Karlsson Tiny House

Today we have a great Scandinavian Tiny House brought to us by a reader, Mats Broberg, The Karlsson House is a very small summer cottage, don’t know the exact size, that has large windows that open to a small patio.  The house has several configurations starting at $56,000.  They describe the house as follows (translated):

KS1 Karlsson is distinguished by its open, light and glass rooms that form a whole with the patio. By a staircase at the back you reach the spacious roof terrace.

The flexible canvases, which are available in either transparent color, function as protection against transparency, sun and wind. Drawn down in the evening, the house to light a lantern. All functions are concentrated in the building’s rear. It seats a family bed for two adults and two children. Or a wide bunk beds, bathroom and kitchen. Alternatively, does the building’s rear as a sauna with a beautiful view through the front relaxation.