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Why Americans Don’t Recycle

It’s a curious thing why so many Americans don’t recycle, currently just a little more than half of Americans do.  There is a very different attitude than I have seen in other countries and it seems to vary from city to city as well.  I know in some places, recycling isn’t a service offered, while some places its an optional pay for service.  Here in Charlotte, NC it is lumped into our taxes and every home is given a recycle bin.  But even though the bins are provided and people have already paid for the service, they refuse to recycle.  I have heard everything from I don’t know what I can recycle to “I’m not a tree hugger, I don’t recycle on principle.”  :palm to face:  Anyway, here is a interesting info graphic on recycling:

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Book House

I found a pretty neat house today from Dalhousie University Department of Architecture in Nova Scotia.  Many are frustrated when a fat yellow book is dropped on our doorstep, yellow pages don’t seem to understand that there is little need for these books.  Consequently many people just throw them out.  Here is a house that has been made out of over 7000 of these books to form an interesting house.  I am assuming they did something to seal the paper to prevent molding and water seeping in. Another really neat feature is that they were able to laminate the books togeather to construct a support beam for the roof trusses.

Recycle Your Blues

I just ran across this and thought it was not only entertaining, but has to do with green building and recycling!  The GAP is taking old jeans and turning them into denim insulation (ultratouch) for those in need in our communities.  From the 6th to the 20th bring in your used, worn, ripped jeans and turn them in for 30% off some new jeans.   I don’t know if they have to be GAP branded jeans (update: It looks like they don’t, see store for details) you turn in or just any jeans, but I think it is pretty neat.

Note:  If you have a GAP credit card they will give you an additional 5% off