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We Have A Poll

ryan Hey guys, for those of you who don’t know me I’m Ryan.  I run the site and love doing it.  It also gives me an excuse to spend time gawking at tiny house websites and other such things, but tell anyone I love doing it 🙂  I was wondering if you would help me out with where this website is going.

The first thing is if you would weigh in on the poll that I have posted here and/or the sidebar.

The second is if you ever wanna chat or have a great story to tell, your own or anothers please shoot me an email at ryan112ryan [at]  yahoo {dot}com  obviously remove brackets and spaces and we can chat!

Finally if you are like me and love to read all about Tiny Houses and would love an avenue to share your thoughts on the issues and share links, I am looking for folks to share their passion with readers.

Thanks all!

-Ryan Mitchell

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