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Tiny Cottage


So I found this little cottage over at a architectural photographer blog, the traced it to the builders website, which revealed a really interesting philosophy of building high end tiny cottages.   The builder had a moment of clarity one day when it came to building vacation homes.  While his who life he had been a traditional McMansion builder, he suddenly realized bigger is not better.


This is from their website:

“Clients often think that a larger room is more functional and easier to live in,” Lloyd says of his traditional building background. “But, in actuality, a well-designed, intimate space is always more comfortable.”

At a time when simpler sounds better to a lot of us, what makes this young company unusual is its streamlined approach to building custom cottages. The barn-like Bunkhouse was first, and the dormered Ocean Retreat cottage came next. These two red-roofed structures now stand near the water’s edge in Freeport.

They focus on building the majority of the house inside a warehouse, then ship the panels to where they will be assemebled.  He deals with 100% locally sourced lumber in a manner that reduces the amount of waste.


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check them out at Creative Cottages LLC