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True Life Confessions – I have a junk drawer!

Oh the shame!  I live in a tiny house and I have a junk drawer!

I shot this video confessing my use of a junk drawer, but you might have something to learn as I tell you how I apply a little philosophy of use for my drawer.  Check it out below:

tiny house no clutter

Your Turn!

  • How do you prevent clutter in your home?

Down & Dirty Organizing

Here are some videos of a lady who read this book Unclutter Your Life in One Week.  Now I should put in a side note, she is a scrapbook / photography blogger, so you will see her drop things about scrap booking.  Regardless of that fact she does a great demonstration of practical tips about how to reduce your stuff and how to organize what is left.

unclutter your life

A few key points she mentions:

  • All thing have a place and are in their place
  • Try to get things off the floor
  • Only have things that you love

6 Strategies To Simplify Your Space

piles of paper

Great article over at Simple organized life, it talks about how to take your life and organize it in some really smart ways.

To keep productivity levels humming when you work at home, it’s important to make home office organization a priority. Many people that work at home forget how important it is to organize their home office space. When you’re at home versus a dedicated office space in the outside world, other areas of life can sneak in. So, you have to make home office organization a priority.

Toss / File / or Act on Those Papers

Home office organization will be a breeze if you toss, file, or act on those papers immediately. Use this strategy to tackle the paper piles and then any paper that enters your office after you get it organized. So, when you start to organize your home office and you’re working through the mounds of paperwork, look at each one and decide… toss, file, or act on it then and there. Once you get the piles of papers under control, keep them under control!

As the mail comes in ask yourself if it’s something you really need. If not, throw it away. But, if you need to keep papers, then start a good filing system for home office organization to keep everything organized and easily accessible. If the piece of paper requires action like a phone call before filing or tossing, then act on it right away and don’t let it sit.

Check it out here