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Tiny House – $362

I found this video on my permaculture forum I frequent, the video shows a house which apparently was free, but then insulated with wool for only 362 bucks.

Update On Berkley House

I stumbled upon a new tiny house video that actually has some shots of the Berkley House, which I covered here not too long ago.  People loved the house and I can see why, its such a great design and look. Check out this video to see it!

Austin Tiny House – Open House

I wanted to let you know that Louis over at is having a open house of his brand new tiny house, for those of you are near Austin Texas, go check it out.  If anyone does get a chance, bring back some photos for us and share your story, I will make a post!

Open House Details:

When: 2-5 pm, Saturday, December 18th.

Where: Far south east corner of the property at 5213 Jim Hogg Ave in Austin, TX.

If you need more directions, feel free to call me (Louis): 512-698-6673