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Shockingly Simple Electrical For Tiny Houses

Shockingly Simple ElectricalI have begun working on the inside of my tiny and one of the big tasks that we had to complete was the electrical for the tiny house.  I knew that many people had a lot of questions about this and I have noticed that almost every single set of plans on the tiny house market either barley mentioned electrical or ignored it all together.

It was with that in mind that we have developed this ebook because we got so many questions.  The book was written with a whole team of folks including tiny home builders, a Master Electrician, and myself.

We show you how to wire a tiny house from start to finish.  We made it so someone who doesn’t have any knowledge or experience can go from novice to wiring their whole house.

Electrical Set up
Topics covered:
  • Basic electrical concepts
  • how to size and plan your system
  • How to wire switches, panels, lights, & more
  • Key electrical codes and safety
  • Wiring for on the grid and off the grid setups
  • Custom diagrams for each step
  • How to choose wire, breakers, & boxes
  • Solar panels, inverters, etc
  • Wind turbines and micro hydro power
  • Much more!


This is an electronic book (not print) of 80 pages of core content including real life tiny house wiring examples, plus 55 pages of reference materials.


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Casting Call For Off The Grid Women

I was approached by a firm who is casting for a new documentary TV show about women and their families that are living or making the transition to an off the grid life.  I thought it was interesting and so here it is.  They can’t share all the details, but if selected there is compensation involved, so maybe that could be seed money for your own tiny house!

It reminds me of a great TV show called Frontier House by PBS where 3 families live on the frontier as if they were living in the 1800’s going westward.  While its not on TV, you can find on YouTube if you search for it.






The Urban Conversion

I found this interesting show called The Urban Conversion, which is basically taking a as from green as you can get city slicker to an urban homesteader/off the grid living.  The show just started up and so far it looks awesome!  Here is the pilot for the show and you can find more about it at their website.



This interesting hut, designed to be setup without any foundation, it is very low impact in that sense.  I think what I might like more than the house, is the land, how gorgeous is that view!  It features a small bathroom and a small kitchen, but hide them from view allowing a blank space to be organized in many ways to suite your needs.  The house itself uses solar panels and water catchment to be off the grid.