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Tiny Houses In The News

Recently Tiny Houses have been getting some BIG press.  A few of the stories are reacting to Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to have a whole new class of tiny apartments to meet the cities’ growing need for more apartments for young single people.  Does this signal the arrival of Tiny Houses?  So today here is a quick round up of Tiny Houses in the news.

First off, in an act of shameless self promotion, here is the coverage the LA Times did on me and a few other tiny house folks.

New York micro-studios: Living well in 275 square feet

Next up, our good friend Deek of Humble Homes and Simple Shacks was featured in US News which was a great article and brought a lot of attention to the Tiny House Movement.

Could You Live in a 120-Square-Foot House?

The story that brought a lot of awareness to living in small spaces is Bloomberg’s vision for 300 square foot apartments.

Bloomberg Proposes 300-Square-Foot ‘Micro’ Apartments

Next up is The Guardian, which is a premier publication in the UK, talked about the interest and benefits of Tiny Houses.

Cabin fever: I want a tiny home

Looks like the Tiny House Movement is crossing boarders to Canada where one couple is building their Tiny House to escape the rat race.  Check out the coverage in the Canadian National Post.

Two Calgarians are quitting their jobs, building a tiny house

Here is another article on the same couple above, but this time has a great video of the tour.  Also interesting was the poll they did, I was surprised at how many people would consider actually doing this.

Calgary family trades in spacious home for tiny house

Oregon Live talked about living in small spaces and the process of pairing back your possessions to what is most vital and important.

Small, simple house uses ‘Irish vernacular’

The last one I will do for this round up is from The Epoch Times, which covers a new tiny house that has been built.

‘Tiny Houses’ a Solution to Massive Prices


Your Turn

  • What is your benchmark for when Tiny Houses have “made it”?
  • Do you think Tiny Houses are here to stay?